Introducing the Rivike®,
a new way to ride on water
fun | fast | versatile | inflatable

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The Rivike® is more than the first inflatable paddle bike...


An inflatable water bicycle that can easily be converted to a windsurf, regular stand-up paddle board or fitted with a seat to allow oarsing.

Easy to use

Built with ease of utilization in mind, the Rivike® is quick to assemble/disassemble and takes minimum space to transport/store.

Optimized for performance

Thanks to its optimized design, the Rivike® is also fast to ride on water with top speeds of up to 12 km/h.


The Rivike® allows for a variety of outdoor activities that will keep you fit while respecting the environment.

About the Rivike®

The Rivike is a versatile inflatable water bicycle designed to be stored and transported easily, assembled effortlessly and fun to ride.

The Rivike comprises an inflatable Stand-Up Paddle board, a propulsion unit and a steering unit, all of which can be carried and transported by one person, allowing to ride in remote locations that are not easily accessible by car.

Thanks to its design, the assembly and disassembly of the propulsion unit and the steering unit onto the board are fast and very easy to carry out. Indeed once the board is inflated, the Rivike can be assembled and ready to use in less than a minute.

Different types of boards are available to choose from to match your riding preferences (flatwater, open ocean, race etc.).

Optional accessories allow the Rivike to be changed into a Kayak or a regular Stand-Up Paddle board, which makes it exceptionnally versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are doing our best to finalise the development of the Rivike so that you can get one (online) as soon as possible. If you wish to be the first to know, simply enter your email below and we'll get back to you.
The Rivike is much easier to learn than a regular bicycle. Once you find your balance, seat on the saddle and pedal, the Rivike is very stable and easily maneuverable.
A free space between the the propulsion unit and the steering unit is left for a user to climb again on the board and seat back on the saddle in the case of a fall, especially in deepwater.
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  • It's GREAT! I will definitly get one when it's on the market.
    Michael J.
    Tester of our prototype
  • I was thrilled to try the Rivike and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys exercising while exploring new surroundings.
    Julie L.
    Tester of our prototype
  • This water bicycle is a lot of fun to ride and easy to transport and assemble!
    Antoine W.
    Tester of our prototype

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